IQPC Mobile Network Performance Management 2014

02 – 04 June 2014 | The Kensington Close Hotel | London UK

This year Telecoms IQ’s Mobile Network Performance Management summit focused on cost-efficient ways to effectively monitor and optimise mobile networks and predict the need for future capacity. About 50 delegates from leading European mobile operators, system vendors and consultancies joined together to discuss and share thoughts on where mobile operator business is – or should be – heading. The key theme of the conference was clearly about mitigating the challenges related to linking network performance with customer experience – a special focus domain of Omnitele.

Omnitele’s presence in the conference was covered by Mr. Arnold van Holten (Head of Region Europe West and East, Sales and Marketing) and Mr. Mikko Valtonen (Business Development Manager). Mr. van Holten acted as the chairman of conference day 1 and Mr. Valtonen hand a keynote speech about Omnitele’s vision on Customer Centric Performance Management. Outline of Omnitele presentation:

  • INTRODUCTION: QoE & QoS in performance management
  • TODAY: Typical MNO challenges in PM processes
  • FUTURE: Requirements for proper customer centric PM

Download Omnitele’s presentation in full: Customer Centric Performance Management

Official conference website: IQPC Mobile Network Performance Management 2014

For more information, contact: Mikko Valtonen,