Teleforum LTE Workshop, Amsterdam


On October 1st and 2nd 2013, Omnitele has organised a workshop for the TOSS (Telecom Operators of Small States) members with the title “ Beyond 3G – LTE”, including topics like LTE system specifications, industry trends, strategy, LTE performance and LTE network implementation.

This LTE workshop was organized in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands and was attended by TOSS members, Ålcom, CVTelecom, Føroya tele, Gibtelecom ,JT Global and Manx Telecom.


High quality presentations were given by TOSS members on their respective status concerning LTE deployments. In addition the workshop counted with the cooperation of KPN Royal Dutch Telecom in the form of a keynote speech by Erik Vercouteren, Program Director LTE on KPN’s experience with the 4G service that was launched early 2013.

Omnitele’s presentations were given by Mikko Valtonen and Rauno Huoviala on the subjects LTE architecture and system specifications, LTE industry trends, LTE frequency strategy, LTE deployment strategies, the LTE business case, LTE implementation and LTE performance management.

The ensuing discussions centered on themes like,

  • LTE as add on to a full network swap, including all technologies and possibly a change of infrastructure vendors
  • The complexity of managing different network layers and technologies
  • How to introduce and promote LTE service to customers
  • The challenges of introducing LTE voice services on the basis of CSFB and VoLTE with related IMS dependencies
  • The LTE proposition (data speeds, data volumes) and corresponding priceplans
  • LTE performance and Customer Experience, is it an evolution or a revolution?

A shared view was that without opting for LTE it’s difficult for an operator to stay in mobile in the foreseeable future.  So LTE is a necessity, the challenge, especially for small sized operators, is now how to deal with its operational and financial challenges.