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PM: Setting the bar high enough

Performance management is imperative for any business – you continuously monitor your performance and improve on it. For mobile network operators it helps you to manage subscriber quality of service and right sizes the required network investments.

Recently Omnitele commissioned a survey to understand key industry trends in performance management and to capture insights on mobile network operator challenges. Twenty-five mobile network operators responded to this survey (top management, senior technical and commercial decision makers).

This survey revealed us some interesting insights:

  • Clear majority of the operators have 2-5 performance management tools in use while some mobile network operators use even more than 10 tools
  • 42% of operators desired tighter integration of tools
  • 64% were somewhat satisfied on their performance management process however the rest considered tooling as the main source for their process challenges

It was pretty evident that mobile network operators have too many performance management tools in use which are too loosely integrated with each-others. This had led to the following tooling and process related challenges:

  • Correlating data from different data sources was missing
  • Multiple stake holders used different kind of tools
  • Tool(s) usability needed improvement
  • Limited competence existed to get most out of the existing tools
  • And in addition multivendor challenges were brewing…

We at Omnitele decided to address this opportunity by leveraging our vast experience from hundreds of international consultancy projects. We had the people and knowhow to construct performance management process and approach however; we were lacking a suitable tool to complement this.

We did not want to go with legacy performance management software which typically just focuses on network statistics, or a derivative of it. To ensure maximal value-add, we set out to find a tool that could integrate also the business processes. In addition, we wanted the tool to include an intelligent layer providing network analytics instead of mere statistics as well as SON-capability to ensure cost efficient performance improvement

We finally chose to use the CellSens tool as the basis of our complete performance management solution. It enabled us to build a solution for mobile network operators, which was complete, easy to integrate with operator’s existing tools and best of all it was very cost effective.

Click here to read our press release regarding CellSens

Last week I participated in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There we were able to demonstrate our solution. I must say that feedback was extremely positive. Quoting of the customers: “Finally somebody has heard us: solution which is customised around my existing processes not the other way around”.

I think a quote from Michelangelo is a pretty good one: “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Should you be interested to hear more of the market survey we did, I would be more than happy to share that with you.


Tomi Paatsila, CEO