Omnitele and Anvia cooperate in LTE 700 MHz pilot in Finland

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For immediate release
October 15th , 2013
Helsinki, Finland


Anvia has implemented a pilot network on LTE in 700 MHz frequency band in Finland. The purpose of the pilot is to analyse the feasibility of 700 MHz band to be used as an extension of the fixed line operator’s fibre network. Testing includes technical aspects such as coverage, performance analysis and system integration to existing network but also verification of the usability of applications and operator business case in general.

Omnitele assisted Anvia in the pilot planning, prepared the network design and modelled the service levels for number of rollout scenarios. Omnitele also measures the real life performance and verified the assumptions made in design, simulation and network dimensioning.


Harri Suokko“We see LTE 700 MHz as feasible technology to extend our reach with broadband services. In the pilot network, our clients have used smoothly bandwith demanding television and videoconferencing services. Omnitele simulations also show that our target rates of 20-30 Mbit/s can be offered in very cost efficient way in rural areas” says Harri Suokko, acting CEO, Anvia.

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esa vesterinen“Anvia is very eager to offer high of quality broadband services to its customers even outside of densely populated areas. The selected technology and business model do support coverage build up also in the very rural parts of Finland” says Esa Vesterinen, Vice President, Omnitele ltd.

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Please refer to Anvia press release for further details (finnish):

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