CEM in Telecoms European Summit, 23-25 Sep

23 – 25 September, 2013, Radisson Blu Palais Hotel, Vienna, Austria

As one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world, the European telecoms market is home to some of the most innovative and mature CEM programmes. Operators are however facing difficult decisions in prioritising what budget cuts they can and cannot make in order to maintain optimal customer experience. CEM in Telecoms – European Summit gathers together senior management of leading European operators to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to customer experience management and how to improve ROI with an efficient CEM solution.

Omnitele will participate the conference and give a keynote speech on topic: CEM for Improved End-user Satisfaction, Network Efficiency and ROI. Topics discussed in Omnitele presentation:

  • Introduction to Quality of Experience
  • Implementing a working CEM solution that supports operator business objectives
  • Insight: CEM for improving mobile web browsing experience

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Meet Omnitele!

Interested to meet Omnitele in the conference? Contact:

Esa Vesterinen, VP Sales & Marketing

Mikko Valtonen, Business Development Manager