Assessing the LTE800 licence verification in Estonia

Elisa Eesti AS contracted Omnitele to assess LTE800 license verification measurements

Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority (TSA) allocated LTE800 frequency license to EMT Estonia in May 2013. The license allocation was based on TSA’s measurements which confirmed that EMT’s LTE800 network meets the license requirements. In June 2013 Elisa Estonia contracted another company to conduct a comparative measurement campaign and assess EMT’s LTE800 network status. The observed results were contradicting the results of TSA. As two tests campaigns were executed with differing results, Elisa Eesti wished to have the methodologies thoroughly evaluated by an independent third party. In July 2013 Elisa Estonia contracted Omnitele to conduct the analysis with following objectives:

  • Analysis of two Estonian wide LTE800 measurement reports
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the two methodologies
  • Define the most suitable methodology for verifying LTE800 license obligations

andrus kaarelson“We selected multiple suppliers for the assignment. Omnitele’s price was higher compared to the competitors, but the value they delivered clearly exceeded our expectations” – Andrus Kaarelson, Head of Networks, Elisa Eesti AS

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mikko valtonen  470px“The assignment we got from Elisa was very interesting. Conducting field measurements is not a complex task in general but the opportunities to fail are legion. Especially when it comes to license verification, the accuracy and integrity requirements are extremely high. We’ve got over 20 years’ international experience in network auditing and still the analysis appeared to be somewhat challenging. We are happy to see that our deliverables provided tangible value for Elisa.” – Mikko Valtonen, Business Development Manager, Omnitele Ltd.