The year of the Rabbit 2011 – “Omnitele paddles against the current”

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year of 2011 is the year of the golden rabbit. According to the Chinese tradition, the rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves. Well, looking around what has happened it seems to be that beliefs and reality have been diverging very fast. Globally a major financial turmoil was ever present with us during the year of 2011 and some experts predict that things are not going to be any better this year.

However, we at Omnitele managed to work against all odds and were able to improve significantly our company’s financial performance. Despite the difficult environment, our customers have continued to trust in us and believe in the added value we provide, proof of this is that our net sales grew more than 60% year on year. The pool of our highly competent consultants grew significantly and our utilisation rate remained at very high levels.

Peeling the onion beyond this one can find some very interesting facts.

We worked on 66 projects throughout the year in 13 different countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean.

The scope of our projects covered a very wide domain. This included mobile network planning, benchmarking and optimisation; performance management services; LTE network load testing; digital terrestrial television network planning and optimisation; audits of fixed and mobile networks (design and performance); vendor management and RFQ process management; technology strategy as well as technical due diligence cases with operators and frequency management.

The foundation for our performance comes from the investments we have been making in our consultants as well as the tools and the equipment we use in delivering our services to operators and regulators. Some of this leading edge knowledge we have protected through IPR.

All of this capability and expertise we have been able to convert into concrete benefits as seen by our customers, e.g. direct cost savings (OPEX and CAPEX), higher quality of service provided by operators to their customers, better network strategy enabling operators to make right investment choices, effective frequency management policies for regulators to enable them to drive their own agenda, and helping operators make the right decisions concerning their M&A cases.

On parallel to this we were very active in the media, various telecom conferences as well as in social media. We participated in 10 telecom conferences and had Omnitele spokes persons and discussion facilitators in six of them. The Omnitele web site was updated to reflect our renewed service offering and company values. We started to get active in the social media. Finally our consultants started to write blogs to get their points of views across a wider audience – this has truly created interested and discussion within the telecom society.

Looking forward to the year of 2012, Omnitele continues to build on foundations to be the most desired independent partner on professional engineering services and technology and vendor management for telecom operators and regulators. The year of 2012 according to the Chinese Zodiac is the year of the Dragon. Dragons get sometimes accompanied by thunder and rain, and they move like lightning and whirlwinds, all powerful yet totally unpredictable.
To me this describes better year of 2012 than Rabbit did describe the year of 2011!

Lastly, but most importantly, on behalf of Omnitele team I would like to give a warm thanks to our customers for the trust you have placed on Omnitele’s capability to improve your own business.