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November 8th, 2012

Helsinki, Finland


Omnitele, a Finnish telecom consultant company have completed the comprehensive QoS training for RURA’s experts. The training enables RURA to perform the network quality measurements as well as analysis of the results themselves. This training was continuation to the work Omnitele started with RURA in 2010 including already several network audits.

Training included both theoretical and practical modules, main emphasis being on practical training for measurements and analysis of the results. Omnitele experts worked together with the Rwandan trainees to perform the measurements and analyze the results. This hands-on approach will enable the trainees to learn the measurement methods, tools and analysis as well understanding the results in most efficient way.

In Rwanda like  in other developing countries controlling the quality of service of the mobile networks is extremely important as local people use a significant portion of their disposable income to buy airtime (in some countries as much as 25 %). Telecom regulator in country (i.e. RURA in Rwanda) is responsible for controlling the network quality of the telecom operators so that it meets the license terms.

“Rwanda wants show an example for African countries in controlling the QoS offered to the mobile phones users by operators, which requires experienced and skillful personnel. Partnering with Omnitele RURA experts will gain the latest knowledge and skills related to QoS”, states Mr Regis Gatarayiha, Director General of RURA.

“Omnitele is proud the be selected  RURA’s co-operation partner in controlling and improving the Quality of Service of Rwandan networks and thus improving the telecom environment of Rwandese people”, comments Mr Markku Virtanen, Director, Sales Africa of Omnitele.

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Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) was created by law n° 39*2001 of 13th September 2001 and was published in the Government Gazette n° 20 of 15th October 2001 with the mission to regulate certain public Utilities including e.g. Telecommunications network and/or Telecommunications services.