Omnitele and Batelco Maximise Customer Satisfaction

Omnitele Ltd.

Press Release
January 2nd, 2012
Helsinki, Finland

Batelco Bahrain’s dedication and strive to exceed its customers’ expectations has been the main driver in partnering with Omnitele Ltd., a trusted and recognised independent network and technology consulting company.

Identifying key performance indicators and network quality improvement areas, Omnitele and Batelco further improved the quality of network services.

Improvements were focused on maximising network services quality for the current and upcoming customers’ requirements especially in the Mobile Broadband, Advanced Services requirements for Smartphones, over the top content providers’ service needs as well as the growing end-user sophistication.

In addition to improving the network quality to exceed customer’s needs and expectations, Omnitele’s consultation also improved network efficiencies as well as lowered CapEx and OpEx investment, with concept proofing future network development plans.

“Our network has become better, more cost efficient and is delivering the best value to our customers and shareholders. Assigning Omnitele as a leading independent techno-economic auditor has provided Batelco with true understanding to its network performance and customer perceived service quality. Omnitele’s ability to deliver what they promise has been of great value to Batelco” says Ahmed Al Janahi, General Manager Media Relations at Batelco Group.

“We were privileged to work with the outstanding personnel from one of the most advanced operators in the area. The level of dedication and expertise of both Batelco management and radio engineers helped us to achieve the goal of further enhancing the quality of Batelco’s Mobile Services. Together with Batelco’s engineers we were able to make a significant improvement to Batelco’s subscribers’ perceived quality of experience in both mobile voice and mobile broadband data services” says Mr. Bassam Hatahet, General Manager for the MENA region at Omnitele Ltd.

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Mr. Bassam Hatahet, General Manager for the MENA region, Omnitele Ltd.
tel. +962 796 050 023 email:

Omnitele Ltd.

Omnitele Ltd., founded in 1988 to set up the first GSM network in the world, is a pioneer within the wireless industry with twenty two years of leading edge network and business consulting experience worldwide. Omnitele’s strengths lie in the experience received from over 1.000 projects in 78  countries.
The expertise service areas of the company include Technology Strategy, Network Design and Network Quality.


Batelco Group, listed on the Bahrain Bourse, is the leading integrated communications’ provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a company of reference among the region’s key telecommunications players for innovation and customer experience.

Batelco serves both the corporate and consumer markets in the most liberalised and competitive environment in the Middle East region. It delivers cutting-edge mobile and fixed telecommunications services to its customers in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt and India.

The Batelco Group of companies offers end-to-end telecommunications solutions for its residential, business and government customers in Bahrain on Next Generation, all IP fixed and 3.5G wireless networks, MPLS based regional data solutions and, GSM mobile and WiMax broadband services across the countries in which it operates.