Managed Services & Network Sharing (London) 23-25.5.2011

Omnitele participated the Managed Services & Network Sharing event in London, May 23nd – 25th, 2011

Our VP Karri Virkajärvi, acted as a chairman at the event and VP Arnold van Holten gave our presentation on  Customer Experience Focused Remote Performance Management. The following points were elaborated in his presentation.

  • Operators have implemented a mixture of Performance Management strategies aimed at maintaining and improving the QoS performance levels of their networks. Basically this all comes down to monitoring various data streams originating from various parts of the network, aggregating and cross correlating the acquired information and the taking of appropriate action when agreed KPI levels are not met.
  • But does this mean that the operator really knows the customer experience in its network?
  • What does an operator need to measure and observe and how does all of this network data need to be interpreted, and how does ensuring action need to be prioritized in order to take the right action that leads to real improvement in the customer perceived service performance?
  • How can an operator give the customer a voice in the execution of proper performance management and which ways are available to facilitate the interaction with the customer as part of the performance management procedures?

We want to thank everyone attending the event and hope you enjoyed the presentation. We enjoyed the interesting conversations and inspiring meetings with you.

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Arnold and Karri
Omnitele Ltd.