Mobile Network Optimisation Conference (Johannesburg) 14.-17.3.2011

Omnitele participated IQPC’s “Mobile Network Optimisation” Conference in Johannesburg 14.-17.3.2011. We want to thank everyone attending our “Developing an optimisation strategy for 3G/HSPA/HSPA+ networks” – workshop and meeting us during the conference. We enjoyed the many inspiring conversations and fruitful meetings with you!

We hope you enjoyed our workshop by Mr. Ville Laakso and the conference presentation “Reducing the cost of mobile broadband using intelligent capacity management” by Mr. Rauno Huoviala.


  • The workshop will examine the optimal strategy to improve the quality of the services offered by an operator over its 3G/HSPA/HSPA+ network, while at the same time minimising the necessary network CAPEX. An Omnitele optimisation framework will be introduced, including modules for QoS improvement and for cost-efficient capacity improvement (Intelligent Capacity Management).
  • The workshop will also include interactive exercises and group work on the definition of optimisation targets, the high-level strategy to reach those targets, how to measure the success of your optimisation strategy, as well as typical challenges seen in the optimisation strategy/process and how to mitigate the challenges.
  • Participants will gain a practical understanding of the best industry practice optimisation approaches for 3G/HSPA/ HSPA+ networks and the tools to tailor an efficient strategy for the optimisation of their own networks.

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Best Regards,
Markku, Rauno & Ville
Omnitele Ltd.