Omnitele Performed a 3G Network Data Transfer Capability Comparison for DNA

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Omnitele Ltd.

Press release
August 26, 2011
Helsinki, Finland

Omnitele was contracted by DNA Ltd. to audit the 3G networks in the Helsinki metropolitan area and to perform a comparison between the data transfer capabilities of the three competing mobile networks. The measurements used in the comparison were completed in May 2011.

The goal of the research was to find out the potential differences between the data transfer capabilities of the three biggest mobile operators in the Finnish markets; DNA, Elisa and Sonera. The measurements were performed with the most developed 3G USB modem available, by drive testing and hot spot measurements in each network.

Omnitele delivered to DNA Ltd. a comprehensive report on the measurement results and an analysis of the differences on the networks. In addition DNA Ltd. received an “easy-to-read” summary which the company was able to use for their marketing purposes.

Based on Omnitele’s report DNA Ltd. launched a large advertising campaign highlighting the differences between the data transfer capabilities of the different networks.

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Omnitele Ltd.
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DNA Ltd.
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