Omnitele contracted to support DNA Ltd.’s network technology upgrade in Finland

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Omnitele Ltd. has been contracted to support DNA Ltd. in a network technology upgrade campaign. DNA is starting a technology rollout program to respond ever increasing demand of mobile data. Current technology will be swapped to new MSR (Multi Standard Radio) equipment with advanced HSPA+ and LTE features.

With the new technology DNA achieves improved quality of services, reduced production costs of mobile broadband data and reduced carbon footprint. To ensure achieving all the targeted benefits Omnitele will be involved in all major phases of the technology swap. Service contract includes support services for the swap project and the proof of concept, radio network planning and supervision of deployment. Omnitele will also be the consultancy for final network acceptance. Swapped sites in operational state are handed over to Omnitele’s DNA radio planning team having the responsibility of daily network planning, optimization and quality monitoring activities.

“This technology rollout campaign is aimed to provide even better quality of service for our increasing customer base. The schedule is demanding and the project is highly challenging from technology design point of view. I am however relaxed to rely on Omnitele’s services, our partnership will ensure getting best possible performance out of the new technology“, confirms Tommy Olenius, Vice President, Technology, DNA Ltd.

”We at Omnitele have been pleased about the possibility to work very closely with DNA, over the past years. We are continuously developing our relationship with DNA to achieve more synergies, the recent commitment for the swap project being one good example of this. The strategic partnership we have with DNA is a nice example of true win-win – having continuous operational hands-on work with a leading edge technology is a learning opportunity for us. At the same time we can bring in the competence acquired from hundreds of projects we have completed with other customers around the world”, says Tomi Paatsila, CEO of Omnitele.

DNA Ltd.
DNA Ltd. is a Finnish telecommunications company providing high-quality voice, data and TV services to private customers and corporations. DNA’s turnover was EUR 690 million and operating profit EUR 65 million in 2010. DNA has more than 3 million mobile and fixed-line network customers. For further information, please visit

Omnitele Ltd.
Omnitele Ltd. is a pioneer within the wireless industry with twenty two years of leading edge network and business consulting experience worldwide. Omnitele was founded in 1988 to set up the first GSM operator in the world and is owned by Finnish national telecom operators and an external investor. Omnitele’s strengths lie in mobile network planning and development, technical consulting and operator business development. We aim to increase and improve overall operator performance and quality of services, and we thrive to provide best solutions for deploying new technologies and frequencies. Omnitele techno economic strategy consultancy services are based on deep understanding of the four basic elements: realistic technology simulations, well-educated data traffic modeling, vendor pricing structure analysis and revenue estimations. Omnitele has a proven track record in assessing changes in traffic and optimizing mobile networks to cope with the changing demands. For further information, please visit

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