Omnitele commissioned by TRC Jordan to create a new frequency management framework

Press release
Helsinki 28.1.2011 to be released immediately

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Jordan and Omnitele, a Finnish telecommunications consultancy, have signed a contract for consultancy on the frequency management in Jordan. As the development of mobile communications is very fast, regulatory bodies around the world see the need to develop their regulatory frameworks. TRC Jordan is the forerunner in the region in developing the telecommunications industry.

“As we have recognized the need to adopt our frequency management framework to the changes visible in the industry, especially in the area of frequency license valuation, we wanted to involve one of the top telecommunications consultancies in the development process”, says Fadi Kawar, Chairman of the Board, TRC Jordan.

As a part of the project, Omnitele will create new regulation for the liberalisation of a number of licensed bands in the radio spectrum. This will include a structure for frequency license renewal fees and possible compensation, a re-farming process for some of the bands, and procedures for the grant of new spectrum licenses. In the project, Omnitele will put into use its long experience in consulting regulators and operators all around the world in issues related to the mobile business.
“We are happy to be involved in the process of developing the Jordanian telecommunications market to facilitate the ever growing demands of users of mobile communications”, says Tomi Paatsila, CEO of Omnitele.

For more information, please contact:
Tomi Paatsila, CEO, Omnitele, tel. +358 44 551 4400, firstname.lastname

About Omnitele Ltd
Omnitele Ltd. is a pioneer within the wireless industry with twenty two years of leading edge network and business consulting experience worldwide. Omnitele was founded in 1988 to set up the first GSM operator in the world and is owned by Finnish national telecom operators and an external investor. Omnitele’s strengths lie in mobile network planning and development, technical consulting and operator business development. We aim to increase and improve overall operator performance and quality of services, and we thrive to provide best solutions for deploying new technologies and frequencies. Omnitele techno economic strategy consultancy services are based on deep understanding of the four basic elements: realistic technology simulations, well-educated data traffic modeling, vendor pricing structure analysis and revenue estimations. Omnitele has a proven track record in assessing changes in traffic and optimizing mobile networks to cope with the changing demands.

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