G’day from Finland!

Greetings from Omnitele HQ in Finland. The sun is shining outside, and people are trying to soak in as much sunshine as possible before the long period of darkness sets in.

Quick introduction: I am an Australian (ethnic Chinese) living in Finland for almost 7 years, that means I have lived through 7 finnish winters, endured temperature as low as -36 degrees (outdoors) a few times, as well as +90 degrees (in a Finnish sauna) too many times. In the seven years I had the opportunity to be immersed in Finnish food, Finnish culture, Finnish traditions, the Finnish straightforward “no BS” way to handling things in a clear, transparent way. Some of these cultures or habits I had gotten used to, some I had even adopted as my own ways.

Having worked at Omnitele for about 4 years, it has been interesting to see different clients going through various stages of development: from network expansion, pondering upgrade to 3G, rollout of 3G services, HSPA, second carrier rollout, and a number of operators are considering upgrade of their radio network to multiple technology radio in preparation for LTE. And that’s just the Radio network, in the Core network – Release 4 planning and deployment now seems like an “old story”, All-IP networks (or “Mostly-IP” networks) are becoming more and more common, and Voice over LTE is still an unsolved mystery.

A lot of Omnitele’s clientele are based in some very interesting places. While a mobile phone works in the same way in Finland as say, some nice island nation in the Caribbean – the local environment or geography means each operator faces its own unique issues. My colleagues and I have had good opportunities to utilise our skills to develop, plan, implement and optimise what is best for the network in the local environment.

Having a group of us, who frequently travel to different parts of the world for projects, such travelling often makes for good lunch time discussions. Whether it is the different local food, culture, or what our colleagues got to do on the weekends (moped to the top of one of the islands, for example).

This telecommunications world is interesting, and before everyone (and everything) gets interconnected, there is much more work to do (think: cognitive radio, M2M communications…).

For now I will sign off with a photo of what I still believe is amazing, despite having done it many times: walking on the frozen sea.