Challenge of HSPA Capacity Management

HSPA capacity demand for mobile broadband is increasing and new capacity solutions and features are brought to market by the vendors almost on daily basis. Because of this, it is challenging for mobile operators to understand what the most feasible capacity solutions are from technology and commercial perspective.

Moreover, the performance gap between the actual field performance and the marketing slideware makes investment decision making even harder. And according to Omnitele studies and experience the actual customer perceived QoS benefits of the different capacity SW&HW solutions varies significantly throughout the network. The reason is the varying traffic and radio conditions and terminal category portfolio.

By planning the capacity with thorough cell by cell analysis, and by selecting the most cost effective capacity configurations throughout the network, operators can significantly cut the incremental traffic driven capacity investments. In many operator cases this translates to savings in millions of dollars.

The traditional problem of cell-by-cell capacity planning is high complexity and demand of workload. Omnitele has developed the ICM (Intelligent Capacity Management) framework to capture the full benefits of cell-by-cell capacity planning while mimimising the complexity. ICM is Omnitele consulting service based on proprietary network modeling software.

To find more about ICM, contact Mr. Esa Vesterinen(firstname.lastname@omnitele.com) Feel free to download the conference presentation from 5th Annual Mobile Network Conference Dubai below.

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