The 4th Annual Mobile Network Optimisation Summit (Dubai) 30.5.-2.6.2010

Omnitele appeared at the 4th Annual Mobile Network Optimization Summit held at Dubai, UAE.
Omnitele hosted a half-day interactive workshop and gave a presentation at the Summit.

The topic of the workshop was Managing your network QoS, CAPEX and OPEX when outsourcing its design. The key points of the workshop included:

  • Understanding how and why operator approaches to outsourced network design vary
  • Evaluating the role of network design in managing CAPEX, OPEX and quality
  • Identifying and overcoming the challenges to the strategy-design-deployment process when the design is outsourced
  • Examining the pros and cons of different outsourcing setups
  • Discussion on typical roles between operator and outsourcing partner
  • Implementing a design that works well – how can you measure this?

The topic of the presentation was Examining alternative radio access technology strategies for improved mobile data performance. The key points of the presentation included:

  • What is the end user performance of current baseline HSPA networks?
  • What are the near future performance challenges of operators’ mobile data networks?
  • What are the operators’ options for network capacity and user data rate improvement?
  • What are the real world gains from the available improvement methods?
  • How to valuate the achievable gains and determine the most feasible technology strategies?