DNA contracted Omnitele and KPN to support their design of the new HDTV

Press release
Helsinki 11.5.2010 to be released immediately

Finland is one of the first countries in the world in which households will be able to receive highdefinition
(HD) broadcasting via an aerial. DNA has contracted Omnitele with partnership of
KPN Radio Access Services to assist in designing the new DVB-T2 network for HD television.
Omnitele and KPN Radio Access Services cover network architecture design, network
coverage planning, performance analysis, transmitter parameter design and other planning
support. The commercial HDTV broadcasts for antenna networks will begin at the end of the
year 2010.

“Omnitele supported by KPN Radio Access Services is an ideal partner for our needs in finding
the most advanced DVB-T2 network design. Omnitele is one of the most experienced
companies in designing of wireless technologies while KPN, who like DNA also has its
background as telecom operator and service provider, has successfully implemented a
nationwide DVB-T network as part of its single access, triple play strategy. Together Omnitele
and KPN Radio Access Services are valuable partners for us to help us through our ambitious
project,” comments Tommy Olenius, Vice President, Technology of DNA.

Omnitele is also excited about collaboration with DNA. ”DNA is a quick-moving and agile
company, which will definitely make a difference in the TV-broadcasting industry in Finland.
DNA has an excellent telecom infrastructure in place. We just need to find the optimal way of
utilizing it,” says Esa Vesterinen, Head of Network Planning about Omnitele’s new partner.

”KPN has a strong track record on DVB-T related projects.” Erik Vercouteren, Director of
Radio Access Services from KPN confirms. “The situation at the Finnish TV-broadcasting
market is unique and DNA’s ability to adapt to TV-broadcasting is impressive. The path is
challenging, but we see DNA is taking just the right steps. We are glad to share our experience
in partnership with Omnitele.”

The HDTV broadcasting in antenna network was tested to good effect during the Vancouver
Winter Olympics, when consumers in the metropolitan and Lahti area received HDTV
broadcasted Olympics. “The airings got a positive feedback. HDTV has been expected for
some time now for households using an antenna for TV reception”, says Pekka Väisänen, Vice
President, DNA’s Consumer Business.

Esa Vesterinen, Omnitele Ltd., Vice President Network Planning
Phone +358 44 324 7668

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